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What We Do

We're on a mission to support you in having the impact your ideas and dreams deserve.

We dream of a world where no one, ever, has to lie awake at 3am worrying that today might be the day that someone finds out they're a fraud or not good enough.

And we want to put an end to burnout and toxic resilience, supporting people in thriving, fulfilling their potential, and feeling safe to show up as all of who they really are.

Clare Josa, Research & Training Director

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We're a fluff-free zone, using an engineer's common sense, plus data-driven, research-based diagnostics, and a sprinkling of demystified ancient wisdom, to tailor solutions to your needs - as an individual or an organisation - to help you create breakthroughs you can measure (to Kirkpatrick scale 3/4).

PS For every project we work on, we want to make ourselves redundant. So our big focus is giving you (the person or the organisation) the skills you need, so that you can fly - and you don't need us any more!

How We Can Help You - The Individual

How We Can Help You - The Organisation

How We Help You Get Results

Clare's background as a Six Sigma Mechanical Engineer means the work we do is all about clearing out the root causes, rather than yet more sticking plasters.

Coping strategies can only take people so far, and often make things worse.

So we've created science-backed strategies and scalable solutions to support individuals and organisations in finally clearing out Imposter Syndrome, burnout and toxic resilience. These tools boost confidence, shrink stress levels, and support people in becoming all of who they really are, taking off the hidden masks and clearing secret, self-imposed glass ceilings.

So when we work together, you'll see measurable improvements (Kirkpatrick Scale Levels 3 & 4) in performance, productivity, innovation, team dynamics, staff retention, absenteeism, gender pay gap, leadership performance, and more.

Our Research Studies Show That:


28% of respondents have considered quitting their job, due to burnout, in the past week. For 10% it's daily.


62% are struggling with Imposter Syndrome, daily or regularly, at a level that impacts their work & wellbeing.


71% are struggling with Toxic Resilience, which is one of two core predictors for burnout.

Clare Josa's Proven Solutions

These inspirational strategies are backed by decades of research, supporting individuals and organisations to create lasting change, in as little as five minutes a day, and they include:

Natural Resilience Method®

Crank up confidence, shrink stress levels, and finally clear burnout, toxic resilience and Imposter Syndrome, in as little as five minutes a day. Clare shares scalable solutions, including a life-changing app, online and in-person courses, certification programmes, keynotes, and bespoke training.

7 Cs Of Fear-Free Impact™

Clare's two decades of research have shown how subconscious self-sabotage can hold people back from making the difference they were born to make, especially for women, if they're running Imposter Syndrome. Clare's Fear-Free Impact™ model covers 7 proven steps to clear the secret triggers for this, and is an essential part of leadership development.

The HOPE Matrix®

Combining Clare's science-backed 3 Pillars approach (Culture, Environment, Habits) with her Natural Resilience Method® work, the HOPE Matrix® is about creating change at an organisational level, without fluff or pain.

This is an evidence-based process which involves team members at all levels of your company.

Training In-House Coaches

Clare offered certification programmes for in-house coaches and Master Coaches (backed by the Institute of Leadership & Management). These qualify people to work 1:1 on preventing burnout, clearing Imposter Syndrome, increasing confidence, and making a bigger difference.

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