Rise Like A Rebel™

Rise Like A Rebel™ is a revolutionary year-long programme for women who are hungry to head to the C-suite - and they know they want to shake things up. But you secretly know you're getting in your own way.

As a group of seven passionate world-changers, over the course of twelve months in this VIP-level programme, you'll work directly with Clare and each other to:

  • Clear out your hidden blocks and self-imposed glass ceilings - including the sticky stuff - the deep root causes of Imposter Syndrome. It's going to make any transformation work you've done before look like gnats' shit. But you'll love it.
  • Get clarity on the difference you're here to make and how the next steps map out - including connecting with your intuition, getting out of forcing and into flow, where the 'magic' happens.
  • How to influence authentically and magnetise your audience, making your voice heard without having to shout above the noise. It can make you immune to company politics and alpha-male peacocking.
  • How to go beyond the left-brained cognitive approaches to use the power of courageous alignment to give your ideas and dreams the impact they deserve. We're talking the kind of stuff that takes you from 'to do list' to legacy.
  • And growing your tribe of like-minded rebels, to be your soul mates for years to come. You'll never feel like you're doing this on your own again. 

Rise Like A Rebel™ Includes:

Monthly Online Workshops

Led by Clare Josa, you'll have a 2-hour workshop each month, where Clare will teach you what you most need to know for each stage of the Rise Like A Rebel™ process, and you'll get to Mastermind with your fellow rebels. Fluff-free. High-impact. Note: this is the only live-teaching programme that Clare runs.

1:1 With Clare Josa

You'll get six breakthrough coaching sessions with Clare, clearing out the hidden blocks that you hadn't even realised were holding you back, so that you can step up to lead at the next level. Note: this is pretty much the only 1:1 work Clare is doing.

Deep-Dive Retreats

There are three retreats spaced over the year. Some are in the UK and one is in Clare's favourite-hotel-ever in Turkey. In these 3-day sessions you'll do the deeper work that creates transformations in ways that are fast, fun and forever. Note: this is leading-edge stuff that Clare is not teaching to anyone else.

Membership of this programme is by invitation, only. To apply to be considered, please contact Clare's team here.

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