Virtual Coffee With Clare Josa

Thank you for wanting to book a call. I'd love to talk with you to find out about what you're looking for and to explore how we could work together.

The buttons below take you straight to my calendar, where you can easily book a time that works for both of us, without the email ping pong!

Pick a time (you can even choose your timezone to make it easier) and then please answer the quick questions below the calendar, to help us get the most from our time together. There are two options below:

1. A general 'working together' virtual coffee call

Book A Virtual Coffee - Click Here To Schedule

Please book this type of call if you want to talk about working together and it's not about a keynote.

2. A 'potential keynote' call,

This provisionally holds your place in my keynote queue while we wait for our meeting (please make sure you answer the 'timing' question when you book!)

Get In Clare's Keynote Queue - Click Here To Schedule

Want Clare to deliver a keynote or workshop for your organisation or conference? Please book using this form, and make sure you let us know your proposed date, so we can provisionally hold your place in Clare's queue.

These are both no-obligation calls and there is no charge for them.

Apologies in advance if I'm booked up for the next few weeks. But we can already start making progress while we wait for our meeting.

Once you've clicked the 'Complete Appointment' button, you'll get a meeting confirmation email with a secure Zoom link, as well as reminder emails and suggestions for how we can make the most from our time together.

I look forward to talking with you. Clare

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