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Clare Josa is regularly interviewed in the media, on podcasts, on live shows, and delivers keynote talks at conferences. She also publishes her own articles via her LinkedIn newsletter, and runs two podcasts, Ditching Imposter Syndrome and Soultuitive Leadership.

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Here are some of her recent media interviews:

  • BBC: The Link Between Imposter Syndrome & Burnout - read it here
  • People Management: 7 in 10 Workers Experiencing Imposter Syndrome or Burnout - read it here
  • Yahoo Life: Are You At Risk Of Burnout - How To Spot The Warning Signs - read it here
  • This Can Happen - Mental Health Podcast - discussing the key findings from the research study - listen here

The full list of Clare's latest interviews is here.

Here's the most recent episode of Soultuitive Leadership:

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