Stepping Up To Lead Mastermind

Clare Josa's research studies have found that there are three hidden drivers of the gender pay gap, and lack of diversity in leadership roles. They are:

  1. The alpha-male culture at senior levels
  2. Lack of flexible working, forcing a choice between family and career
  3. Imposter Syndrome

Clare has spent the past 20 years specialising in working with individuals and organisations to support everyone to thrive.

And to do this, you need to move beyond 'equality' to 'equity' - to create a genuine level playing field.

Part of Clare's work on this is to facilitate inspirational, life-changing taught Masterminds for groups of 12 women at a time, to support them in clearing out the hidden, self-imposed glass ceilings, supporting them to fulfil their leadership potential.

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Note: Clare also runs an invitation-only year-long programme for ambitious women who are on a mission to shake up the C-Suite, but who secretly know they're getting in their own way - Rise Like A Rebel™.

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