Secretly worried your team members are surviving, rather than thriving?

We help companies free their teams from toxic resilience, burnout & Imposter Syndrome, so everyone can have the impact their ideas and dreams deserve.


Inspirational engineer-created solutions, grounded in research, blending practical psychology, the neuroscience of performance, and demystified ancient wisdom.

Go Beyond Coping Strategies

Clear out the root cause triggers that drive self-sabotage behaviour, so you can step up to make the difference you were born to make, with courage, confidence & passion.

Scalable Solutions

Training to support individuals and certification programs to grow your team of in-house coaches, creating high-impact, low-effort change.

Soultuitive® Leadership - What Is It?

We're leading from our hearts in a head-based world, but we want to go deeper. We want to trust our intuition, showing up as all of who we really are, rather than putting on a persona and pretending. And we want to inspire our team members to do the same.

That's where Soultuitive® Leadership comes in.

It's about clearing out the hidden blocks that make us hold back and self-sabotage, so we can have the impact we've been dreaming of, from a place of flowing, rather than fire-fighting. We get to become the leader we were born to be.

There's no specific belief system required and it's not about a religion. It's about a deep, strong connection with who you really are and the difference you are here to make in the world.

What Are Imposter Syndrome & Burnout Costing Your Organisation?

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Free Training With Clare Josa

Why Is The Natural Resilience Method® So Effective In Preventing Imposter Syndrome & Burnout?

How to go beyond 'tea and sympathy' and yet more coping strategies, without turning into an accidental counsellor.

Practical inspiration from Clare's 20+ years of specialising in this field. Perfect for line managers, business leaders, HR professionals, mental health first-aiders, coaches and therapists.

Don't Know Clare Josa Yet?

Founder Of Soultuitive® Leadership

I started this work 20 years ago, after a corporate career in Six Sigma Mechanical Engineering and then as Head of Market Research for one of the world's most disruptive brands.

I was fed up with watching people trying to use yet more coping strategies to succeed, despite their secret fears, pretending to the outside world that they were confident, whilst dreading anyone hearing their 3am self-talk.

Even the tools as I had learned as an NLP Trainer weren't enough to tackle the root causes of these behaviours. And it set me off on a mission.

What I teach is grounded in two decades of enquiry, running research studies, evidencing outcomes, and inspiring people to clear out the secret, self-imposed glass ceilings they didn't realise they had put there, so they can truly thrive.

This work is now available to individuals and as scalable solutions for organisations, to create change in ways that are fast, fun and forever.

As seen in:

Author of 8 books, including:

Learn how to tame your inner critic, crank up your confidence, clear out your limiting beliefs, ditch Imposter Syndrome, once and for all, and step up to become the leader you were born to be - all in five simple steps.

Find out more & get your copy here.

The 7 Cs for fear-free impact. Changing the world isn't about what you do; it's about who you allow yourself to become. And that means really getting out of your own way. It's easier than you might think.

Find out more & get your copy here.

Clare In Numbers

8 Books

helping over 100,000 people change their life

20 Years

as an international keynote speaker


podcast listeners in over 100 countries

What if...

You could get out of your own way?

Clearing out your hidden blocks and secret self-imposed glass ceilings - including Imposter Syndrome -  connecting with your intuition to take inspired action on your dreams?

The Latest Research

We've run a number of international research studies, to deeply explore toxic resilience, burnout, Imposter Syndrome, and the causal links between them. These have allowed us to develop the models we now share as part of our scalable solutions. Here are our two most recent research white papers.

The 2022 Imposter Syndrome & Burnout Research Study

In this two-year study, which ran over the pandemic, we researched the impact of toxic resilience factors on individuals and organisations, and we discovered the causal role of Imposter Syndrome in this.

From it, we were able to identify:

  • the three pillars of burnout
  • the two biggest risk predictors for burnout
  • additional strategies as part of our Natural Resilience Method® process
  • and to create scalable solutions that can shift teams from surviving to thriving, without sacrificing the KPIs.

Read the white paper and recommendations here.

Here's where to book a call to discuss working with us on this.

The 2019 Imposter Syndrome Study

This ground-breaking research study gave a new depth of quantitative and qualitative understanding of what Imposter Syndrome really is and how to move beyond 'coping strategies' to become free from it, once and for all.

It established the vital difference between Imposter Syndrome and self-doubt, and gave us a framework for predicting when support is needed.

From this research, we were able to:

  • identify why Imposter Syndrome is one of three hidden causes of the Gender Pay Gap
  • measure its impact on individuals and organisations, through a research-backed self-assessment, quiz-style tool [take the quiz here]
  • develop the 4 Ps of Imposter Syndrome model, to spot the early warning signs for practical interventions, before someone self-sabotages
  • create the Imposter Syndrome Iceberg model, to explain why classic coaching and pep-talks aren't enough to truly clear Imposter Syndrome, and what we need to be doing, instead

Read more about our findings and recommendations here.

Here's where to book a call to discuss working with us on this.

We offer a range of programs for individuals (creating breakthroughs in just six weeks) as well as certification programs to train Imposter Syndrome First-Aiders and Natural Resilience Method® Master Coaches.

Imposter Syndrome Be Gone! (Forever)


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What Clients Say

nancy marmolejo

Executive Coach

Many personal growth courses are by people who have had personal epiphanies who then try to sell unattainable solutions, built on vague concepts that are not easy to materialise... because they don't know how to unpack their own processes.

Clare Josa's background as an engineer and NLP Trainer PLUS her on-going research and client work qualifies her as THE person to deconstruct that art and science of bypassing your mental and emotional blocks and setting yourself free to make a bigger difference in the world.

Janine coombes

Marketing Consultant

Clare has, without a doubt, a varied collection of careers, training and life experiences under her belt. but they combine to make her the ideal person to teach you about changing your life.

The engineer in her means she's great at breaking down tough problems into workable solutions. Her time as Head of Market Research for one of the world's most disruptive brands enabled her to create the landmark 2019 Imposter Syndrome research study.

And as an NLP Trainer, a yoga teacher, and a certified meditation teacher, she can take you through inspired, practical steps to get out of your own way like no one else.

How We Help You Get Results

Clare's background as a Six Sigma Mechanical Engineer means the work we do is all about clearing out the root causes, rather than yet more sticking plasters.

Coping strategies can only take people so far, and often make things worse.

So we've created science-backed strategies and scalable solutions to support individuals and organisations in finally clearing out Imposter Syndrome, burnout and toxic resilience. These tools boost confidence, shrink stress levels, and support people in becoming all of who they really are, taking off the hidden masks and clearing secret, self-imposed glass ceilings.

So when we work together, you'll see measurable improvements (Kirkpatrick Scale Levels 3 & 4) in performance, productivity, innovation, team dynamics, staff retention, absenteeism, gender pay gap, leadership performance, and more.

Our Research Studies Show That:


28% of respondents have considered quitting their job, due to burnout, in the past week. For 10% it's daily.


62% are struggling with Imposter Syndrome, daily or regularly, at a level that impacts their work & wellbeing.


71% are struggling with Toxic Resilience, which is one of two core predictors for burnout.

Clare Josa's Proven Solutions

These inspirational strategies are backed by decades of research, supporting individuals and organisations to create lasting change, in as little as five minutes a day, and they include:

Natural Resilience Method®

Crank up confidence, shrink stress levels, and finally clear burnout, toxic resilience and Imposter Syndrome, in as little as five minutes a day. Clare shares scalable solutions, including a life-changing app, online and in-person courses, certification programmes, keynotes, and bespoke training.

7 Cs Of Fear-Free Impact™

Clare's two decades of research have shown how subconscious self-sabotage can hold people back from making the difference they were born to make, especially for women, if they're running Imposter Syndrome. Clare's Fear-Free Impact™ model covers 7 proven steps to clear the secret triggers for this, and is an essential part of leadership development.

The HOPE Matrix®

Combining Clare's science-backed 3 Pillars approach (Culture, Environment, Habits) with her Natural Resilience Method® work, the HOPE Matrix® is about creating change at an organisational level, without fluff or pain.

This is an evidence-based process which involves team members at all levels of your company.

Training In-House Coaches

Clare offered certification programmes for in-house coaches and Master Coaches (backed by the Institute of Leadership & Management). These qualify people to work 1:1 on preventing burnout, clearing Imposter Syndrome, increasing confidence, and making a bigger difference.

Want To Find Out More?

Here's where to book a call with Clare:

Take A Course & Start Changing Your Life Today

Clare Josa has twenty years' experience as a professional trainer, specialising in courses that are fluff-free, practical, inspirational, and designed to create high-impact, low-effort change.

She has been a pioneer of online and hybrid training, so her courses are available worldwide. She can deliver them face-to-face for your organisation, as well, subject to her diary availability for travel.

Choose Your Next Course

For individuals

Whether you're looking to ditch Imposter Syndrome, to send your Inner Critic to Bootcamp, to prevent burnout, or to Step Up To Lead at the next level, Clare Josa has a course you'll love.

Plus you can also train to support others with the work that Clare shares, with her Imposter Syndrome First-Aider program and her post-grad Imposter Syndrome Mentor certification.

Which course will you take next?

Courses Open To Individuals

For companies & organisations

Clare runs a range of courses that are available in-house for organisations. These include scalable solutions for confidence, Imposter Syndrome, preventing burnout, and her Natural Resilience Method® for thriving teams, as well as bespoke training and consulting solutions.

Clare also runs trainings that allow you to become self-sufficient, including her Imposter Syndrome First-Aider course, the post-grad Imposter Syndrome Mentor certification, and her Natural Resilience Method® Train-The-Trainer program.

All of Clare's courses are available worldwide as blended learning (self-study with online small-group tutorials) and many are also available face-to-face.

Courses For Organisations

get certified

Clare Josa offers the world's only certification program to become an Imposter Syndrome Mentor. This is a post-grad program (ILM Level 7) for experienced coaches, therapists and mentors.

And she has a certified Imposter Syndrome First-Aider training (ILM Level 5) which is available to those without prior coaching experience.

Find Out About Getting Certified Here

free resources

Dipping your toe in the water? Want to find out more about what it's like to work with Clare, while you also make progress on clearing out Imposter Syndrome or taming your Inner Critic?

Looking for the latest research data on Imposter Syndrome and burnout?

Clare has a range of free resources, including high-impact mini-courses, PDF guides, research white papers, and instant-access masterclasses.

Dive In Here Now

Clare's readers' clubs

Clare's books come with additional resources, including MP3s, videos, workbooks and even podcasts!

They help to turn your book into an interactive course.

Already a reader of one of Clare's books?

Sign up for a readers' club here

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1:1 Coaching

Clare has a handful of places each year to work with people 1:1. She also has certified Imposter Syndrome Mentors who are perfectly placed to support you with clearing out blocks to confidence and ditching Imposter Syndrome.

Find out about 1:1 support here

Not sure which one to choose?
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Articles & Interviews

Clare Josa is regularly interviewed in the media, on podcasts, on live shows, and delivers keynote talks at conferences. She also publishes her own articles via her LinkedIn newsletter, and runs two podcasts, Ditching Imposter Syndrome and Soultuitive Leadership.

Here's the latest episode of Soultuitive Leadership:

Find Clare's latest media interviews, including interviews about the 2022 Imposter Syndrome Research Study with the BBC, Yahoo, People Management Magazine and more here:

And here is where to read the latest articles from our team:

Get Certified

Based on her work creating the Natural Resilience Method® and The HOPE Matrix® Clare and her mentors run certifications programs, to help you create scalable solutions that move beyond 'tea, sympathy and coping strategies'.

They are ideal, in-house, for line managers, HR professionals and those who are known to be good listeners. And they are also available for external coaches, mentors and therapists.

There are two levels of qualification, each of which is backed by the Institute of Leadership & Management.

open to all, by application

Imposter Syndrome First-Aider

Be the first point of contact for those in your teams running Imposter Syndrome, equipped with wisdom and strategies to support them on a first-aid basis, getting results in minutes, not months.

Full details and application process are here.


40 hours over 4 months

invitation-only post-grad coaching programme

Imposter Syndrome & Natural Resilience Method® Master Coach

This inspirational post-grad certification qualifies experienced coaches to work at the deeper identity levels required for Imposter Syndrome work. And it helps them to ditch their own Imposter Syndrome, too!

Full details and application process are here.


200 hours over 1 year

Book Clare For A Bespoke Programme For Your Teams

With 20 years of specialising in the field, Clare Josa is considered the UK's leading authority in Imposter Syndrome. She is an international keynote speaker on the topic, alongside her Natural Resilience Method® framework for growing thriving teams, closing the gender pay gap, and how to change the world by changing yourself.

As a certified NLP Trainer since 2003 and a former Six Sigma Mechanical Engineer, Clare knows how to design training that delivers results you can both feel and measure.

Find out about Clare's in-house courses here.

And if you want to co-create something bespoke, book a call to find the solutions you've been looking for.