Imposter Syndrome Bootcamp – Coaching

Feel like you've been stuck with Imposter Syndrome forever? Imagine being able to take your Imposter Syndrome severity score from 80% to as low as 20%, in just 12 weeks.

That's what the Imposter Syndrome Bootcamp™ helps you to do.

It's a unique research-backed blend of proven strategies, which you'll learn via an inspirational online course, plus breakthrough coaching sessions with a certified Imposter Syndrome Master Coach, email coaching between calls, and small-group tutorial calls with Clare Josa.

It is grounded in Clare's Natural Resilience Method® framework, which has been proven not just to help you set yourself free from Imposter Syndrome, but also to prevent burnout, to reduce anxiety, and to clear toxic resilience.

The course is built around Clare's #DoOneThing philosophy, with the weekly taught modules helping you to create insights that change your life, just by watching them, and then you change just one habit each week.

This makes change so much easier and you'll find yourself experiencing high-impact, low-effort shifts, as soon as the first module.

The Bootcamp is designed to be revisited at least 3 times, each time working at a deeper level. And the course includes a full year's access to the training materials, to support you with this.

Because your weekly modules teach you the what, the why and the how, and already get you creating new habits, then your 1:1 coaching sessions (with one of Clare's certified Master Coaches) don't have to cover the basics. This means you can use them for laser-targeted support on the deeper root causes, so you'll create breakthroughs in minutes, not months.

And the monthly tutorial calls with Clare Josa are small groups of fellow students, for hot seat coaching, getting answers to your questions, and celebrating your successes.

Find out whether the Imposter Syndrome Bootcamp™ might be a great next step for you by taking Clare's research-backed Imposter Syndrome scorecard. If you score 70% or higher, or more than 80% in one of the three core drivers, then the Bootcamp is a potential great next step. 

Plus the scorecard gives you a personalised action plan, so you can already start making progress today!

Take the scorecard here - and if you already know the Bootcamp is what you're looking for, you can find out more and book your place here.

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