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Clare Josa ran her first senior management training back in 1997, on time and project management, and ever since then she has had a passion for creating courses that actually work.

Forget #DeathByPowerpoint as a bored presenter recites bullet points from the screen. Clare's online courses are highly interactive, engaging, and use accelerated learning techniques to create change at both a conscious and subconscious level.

Grounded in Clare's 20 years of research, and proven to create breakthroughs in minutes, not months, they are regularly described by students as 'world class'.

Clare has a range of public-access self-study courses that you could consider, but she also has trainings specifically for line managers, which are only available on bulk licences. These can come with live tutorial calls with Clare or one of her Certified Master Coaches. She can also create bespoke programmes, either delivered online or in person.

Before recommending a course for your teams, Clare would work with you to understand your teams' needs and how to create high-impact, low-effort change.

Her core topics include:

  • Setting yourself free from Imposter Syndrome
  • Preventing Burnout and Toxic Resilience
  • Stepping Up To Lead - the transition from manager to leader
  • Creating fear-free appraisal processes that genuinely support team members to thrive
  • Leading from your heart in a head-based world, without sacrificing the KPIs

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