What’s Your Score?

Are you curious about how high your risk of burning out might be? Or what your Imposter Syndrome score is? And what you can do about it?

Clare Josa, Author of Ditching Imposter Syndrome

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We've turned our long-term research studies into science-backed, quiz-style scorecards.

Answer the quick-fire questions, and in the next five minutes you'll get your score, and your personalised action plan, so you can start taking action to turn around burnout or Imposter Syndrome, even before the end of the day, today.

What's your Imposter Syndrome score? How much is is secretly causing you to self-sabotage? And what can you do to turn it around?

What's your burnout risk score? Which of the three hidden drivers is the big one for you? And what practical steps could you take, to prevent yourself from burning out?

What's Your Organisation's Score?

How on earth can you estimate the cost of Imposter Syndrome & Burnout for your organsiation?

It's easy - with our research-backed, science-led calculator.

Answer 10 short questions and instantly get your organisations score, both in terms of cost and lost hours.

And we'll even break it down for you into what it's costing every single day.

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