What Is Imposter Syndrome Costing Your Organisation?

It can feel hard to figure out what Imposter Syndrome and burnout might be costing your team or wider organisation. So we have used our past six years of research studies to create an instant-answer calculator for you.

This calculator is based on our landmark research studies, covering the past six years. It gives you an idea of some of the core losses that Imposter Syndrome and burnout are likely to be costing you, and a ballpark figure for how our scalable solutions would compare.

And the final figures you'll see are an estimate for how a scalable solution compares with the number of days it currently takes you to accrue losses at that level.

If this helps your budget-holders to see that dealing with this needs to be a priority, the next step is to book a call with Clare Josa.

All costs are in £GBP.

These figures illustrate why, for example, it's essential not to rely solely on the L&D or wellbeing budgets to fix this. This is a much bigger problem than those budgets were ever intended to solve.

But you can solve them, with scalable solutions for Imposter Syndrome and burnout that empower you to support hundreds for the cost of coaching a handful. Here's an overview of how that process can work:

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The elements of the scalable solutions we are suggesting are:

  • Training team members as in-house coaches on Clare's proven solutions, as Natural Resilience Method® Practitioners - you can find out about that training here
  • Training some of those to become Imposter Syndrome Master Coaches, to support those most deeply affected or in high-profile, high-visibility roles - more on that programme is here
  • Training in-house trainers in Clare's work, so they can easily run highly effective workshops, from introductory to advanced level - details are here
  • Bulk licenses for Clare's Natural Resilience Method® App, so that those who are struggling or at risk of Imposter Syndrome can get help right away, in 5-minute chunks
  • Consultancy with Clare to help you to identify the quick wins and longer-term strategic solutions for the Culture and Environment factors that increase the risk of burnout and Imposter Syndrome, based on her research studies and her innovative HOPE Matrix®.

The first step towards getting a tailored proposal and quote is to book a call with Clare Josa.

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