The Natural Resilience Method® For Preventing Burnout & Imposter Syndrome

Back in 2001, Clare Josa, the founder of Soultuitive® Leadership, quit the career she loved, because of Imposter Syndrome.

But back then, she didn't know it even had a name. And she convinced herself - and her employer - that she just wanted to 'take a sabbatical', travelling in South America and studying Spanish for a year.

The secret fear of being found out as a fraud or not good enough had kept her awake at 3am for far too long, and she was close to burnout, having turned into a workaholic to try to cover up her feelings of not being good enough, despite great appraisals and being promoted.

And she thought she was the only one who felt that way.

But when she came back from travelling, her Imposter Syndrome was gone.

And it has never come back since. As an NLP Trainer and Six Sigma Mechanical Engineer, Clare was able to reverse-engineer what she had done to achieve this, turning it into an easily teachable research- and science-backed, proven process that can take someone's Imposter Syndrome risk score from 80% (severe) to as low as 20% (not there anymore) in just 8 weeks.

Welcome to The Natural Resilience Method®:

And Clare is often asked questions about Imposter Syndrome by students, keynote talk delegates, line managers, HR professionals, Mental Health First-Aiders, coaches and therapists. She creates a new video answer each week and you can find her Imposter Syndrome FAQs archive here.

What if you could help hundreds for the cost of coaching a handful?

Scalable solutions for deeply supporting your team members, colleagues or clients with preventing Imposter Syndrome & burnout.

Want To Learn How To Use The Natural Resilience Method® To Prevent Imposter Syndrome & Burnout?

Want to find out how you can learn how to use the Natural Resilience Method® to prevent Imposter Syndrome, burnout and toxic resilience, either for yourself or others?

For Yourself - Foundation Level

Clare's Imposter Syndrome Bootcamp™ is an inspirational blend of self-study and breakthrough coaching, with one of her certified Coaches. It has been proven to take people's Imposter Syndrome score from 80% (severe) to just 20% (no longer an issue), in just 8 weeks.

Find out how to book your place here.

For yourself - Advanced Level

Ideal for those in a leadership role, or higher visibility role, Clare's Stepping Up To Lead™ programme is an inspired blend of high-impact, low-effort online training combined with breakthrough coaching sessions with one of her Certified Imposter Syndrome Master Coaches.

It deeply clears the hidden blocks that were driving Imposter Syndrome, and supports you in leading with courage, confidence, and passion.

It's available on a 1:1 basis, and also as a taught mastermind as part of a leadership development programme.

Here's the current course prospectus.

to help others - Foundation Level

Do people come to you for advice on Imposter Syndrome? Do you feel you can get so far, but then feel stuck on how to really help them, beyond tea, sympathy and coping strategies?

The Natural Resilience Method® Practitioner programme (affectionately known as Imposter Syndrome First-Aiders) teaches you Clare's foundation-level strategies to support others with clearing Imposter Syndrome, on a 1:1 basis.

It's ideal for line managers, HR professionals, Mental Health First-Aider, coaches and therapists.

Full details of the course are here.

And here's a PDF prospectus you can share with any colleagues who might want to champion your funding for this.

Clare also runs a certification programme at 'mastery' level for experienced coaches. Not sure which level is for you? This quick & easy scorecard will help you to decide, and give you a personalised action plan.

to help others - mastery level

Clare's Imposter Syndrome Master Coach certification programme is described by course grads as 'world class'.

It's for experienced coaches and therapists who want to move into mastery, learning deep-acting strategies that help clients to create breakthroughs in minutes, not months.

The programme is by application only (totally non-scary) and you can find out more, and how to apply, here.

Clare also runs a certification programme at 'foundation' level for less experienced coaches. Not sure which level is for you? This quick & easy scorecard will help you to decide, and give you a personalised action plan.

become a certified trainer

Want to run courses on how to ditch Imposter Syndrome or prevent burnout? Discover how to help spread a wave of empowered change around the world by becoming a certified Imposter Syndrome Trainer.

Full details, including how to apply, are here.

How Would You Like To Learn The Natural Resilience Method®?

At Foundation Level

Become a Natural Resilience Method® Practitioner (affectionately known as an Imposter Syndrome First-Aider) and learn strategies to support people in clearing Imposter Syndrome both in-the-moment, and longer-term.

Become A Master Coach

For experienced coaches, deep dive into Clare's life-changing work to support clients in clearing hidden blocks in ways that are fast, fun and forever, even if they feel they've tried everything.

Become A Certified Trainer

Study to become a certified Imposter Syndrome Trainer to share this inspirational work either in-house for your employer, or with external clients. Includes an annual licence for training. Only for experienced trainers.

Short on time? Overwhelmed? Stuck in 'busyness'?

What if you could create breakthroughs, shrinking your stress levels, cranking up your confidence, and setting yourself free from Imposter Syndrome, burnout and toxic resilience
- in just 5 minutes a day?

The Natural Resilience Method App

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