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The #SoulNudge newsletter isn't for most people.

For a start - let's deal with the very obvious elephant in the room - it's got the word 'soul' in the name, and even though the #SoulNudge newsletter is far from fluffy, that's enough to scare a lot of people off.


Most people feel like life happens to them, that their future is beyond their control. You could even say that they're secretly stuck in a victim mentality. Or they're trying to create breakthroughs with 'mindset' tools, not realising that there's deeper work to be done.

Most people will never have the impact their ideas and dreams deserve.

And my heart goes out to them, because I've been there.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

What if...

You could get out of your own way?

Clearing out your hidden blocks and secret self-imposed glass ceilings - including Imposter Syndrome -  connecting with your intuition to take inspired action on your dreams?

I'm Clare Josa, the creator of the #SoulNudge newsletter. And that's exactly the kind of thing I'll be helping you to achieve. 

It's for people on a passionate world-changer journey, who secretly know they're sabotaging their success. 

You want to move beyond bog-standard stuff like 'mindset' and learn how to connect with who you really are, taking inspired action from a place of excitement, rather than fear, leading with courage, confidence and passion.

You dream of making your voice heard, without shouting, and without having to push on through the fear. It's time to stop dreaming big, but playing small.

And you're ready to do something about it.

The #SoulNudge newsletter is fluff-free & quick to read, bringing you bite-sized practical inspiration.

The #SoulNudge Newsletter Shows You:

Proven Strategies

The best of performance psychology & neuroscience, based on Clare's 20+ years of research studies

Deeper Than Mindset

Do the little-known work that unblocks even the sticky stuff, so you can show up as all of who you really are


Demystified ancient wisdom to create breakthroughs fast - what clients call engineer-approved #WooPower

Here's how it works:

  • Once a week (Fridays)
  • you'll get a 1-2 minute email
  • with a story, tip, insight, lightbulb, technique or self-mentoring question
  • that you can use to kickstart your day...

...creating shifts in how you see yourself,

shrinking your stress levels,

preventing burnout,

ditching Imposter Syndrome,

 and stepping up to make an even bigger difference,

without having to push on through the fear.

And there's a method in my 'madness' of showing up every week

It's a little nudge, once a week, right there in your inbox, as part of your everyday life.

There's a lot of power in that...

... because it's the little things we do regularly that have the biggest impact. 

It makes change easier - fast, fun and forever.

You'll learn about my Natural Resilience Method® and also my Soultuitive® strategies for changing your life - and the world. Both are backed by science and my 20+ years of research, and they've been well vetted by my inner engineer. They've helped tens of thousands of people already, and I'd love them to help you.

Want to join me on this journey? It's yours, as my gift. 

If you're even slightly curious about the #SoulNudge newsletter, then I'm hoping you'll love it.

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