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Get The Imposter Syndrome Hacks™ App

Shrink your stress levels, crank up your confidence, and wave goodbye to Imposter Syndrome & burnout in just five minutes a day. Get started today with the Imposter Syndrome Hacks™ App - the world's first ever app designed specifically to help you to ditch Imposter Syndrome.

Science-backed and proven to create breakthroughs in ways that are fast, fun and forever!


What's Your Imposter Syndrome Score?

What if there were a super-easy way to find out your Imposter Syndrome score, in the next few minutes, and get a personalised action plan with suggestions for things you could start doing today, to turn it around?

And what if that quiz-style assessment were backed by research, not just made up in the pub?

And what if that assessment could help you to gain insights and breakthroughs, just by doing it?

Clare Josa's Imposter Syndrome Risk Scorecard does all of that, and more.


Get Certified To Support Others With Imposter Syndrome

Want to become a licensed Practitioner or Imposter Syndrome Master Coach, so you can share Clare's inspirational strategies with others, helping them to create breakthroughs in minutes, not months?

Clare runs international certification programmes and you can join us from anywhere in the world, from the comfort of your own home.

Find out more about the courses and how to apply:

Free Imposter Syndrome Masterclass

This inspirational 60-minute webinar shares what you most need to know about Imposter Syndrome, if you're a coach, consultant, line manager, HR professional or Mental Health First-Aider.

In it Clare shares the latest from her 2024 Imposter Syndrome Research Study, practical insights from her 20+ years of specialising in this field, and actionable how-to for your next steps, whether it's for yourself or to support clients and colleagues.

Get instant access here now:

Book Clare Josa For A Keynote Talk

Clare Josa is a sought-after international keynote speaker, specialising in Imposter Syndrome, preventing burnout, and helping people to change the world by changing themselves.

She was a pioneer of virtual speaking, ten years before we needed it, and she's equally comfortable on Teams or on a stage in front of thousands.

For a keynote talk for your team or your conference that will be brimming with practical inspiration, and grounded in science, find out more and request a call here:

Read Clare's Books

Clare Josa is the author of ten books, including Dare to Dream Bigger, Ditching Imposter Syndrome, and Coaching Imposter Syndrome.

You can find out more and read - or listen to - one of her books here today:

Join Clare's 25,000 Podcast Listeners!

Join 25,000 listeners in over 140 countries who love Clare's Ditching Imposter Syndrome podcast!

Each Wednesday she publishes a new episode, sharing practical inspiration and actionable tips for becoming the real you.

So if you're ready to clear out the hidden blocks that have been holding you back from showing up with courage, confidence and passion, catch the latest episode and binge the archives here now:

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