Imposter Syndrome Questions

I often get asked questions about Imposter Syndrome, when I'm running a keynote talk, by subscribers to the Ditching Imposter Syndrome podcast, and when I'm being interviewed. 

Here's a round-up of some recent ones - and I'm curious: have you been thinking about any of these?

Got one you'd love me to cover in a future video or podcast episode? Everyone who takes my research-backed Imposter Syndrome scorecard to get their Imposter Syndrome risk score and personalised action plan also gets the chance to send me a question!

Q: How do I know if it's Imposter Syndrome or if I'm actually not that good?

Q: Is Imposter Syndrome a superpower or something to be fixed?

Q: Why are women more prone to Imposter Syndrome than men?

Q: What's a tip for accepting Imposter Syndrome, but doing the scary thing anyway?

Q: How can I support both my team and those at higher levels than me with Imposter Syndrome?

Q: What practical initiatives can I implement to support my team? [microwins]

Q: How can you address Imposter Syndrome with someone who's an introvert?

Q: With limited time in the day, how can I not do a one-size-fits-all approach with Imposter Syndrome? [scorecard plus not your job!]

Q: How can we meet high expectations from stakeholders and still look after our mental health?

Q: What tips or tools would you recommend to help clients overcome Imposter Syndrome?

Q: What successes have other coaches and leaders had through taking your courses?

Q: What's a framework to use for coaching clients with Imposter Syndrome?

Q: Is there a daily practice we can do to help prevent burnout?

Q: What are some of the successes and outcomes you've had with executive clients around clearing out Imposter Syndrome?

Q: What's a framework to use for coaching clients with Imposter Syndrome?

Q: Does Imposter Syndrome affect introverts more than extroverts?



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