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Here's the scorecard I mentioned. It gives you your current Imposter Syndrome risk score, plus a personalised action plan.

Links to the research studies I mentioned are below. And if you're curious about working together, either for yourself or for your organisation, you can find out more and book a no-obligation call here:

The Latest Research

We've run a number of international research studies, to deeply explore toxic resilience, burnout, Imposter Syndrome, and the causal links between them. These have allowed us to develop the models we now share as part of our scalable solutions. Here are our two most recent research white papers.

The 2022 Imposter Syndrome & Burnout Research Study

In this two-year study, which ran over the pandemic, we researched the impact of toxic resilience factors on individuals and organisations, and we discovered the causal role of Imposter Syndrome in this.

From it, we were able to identify:

  • the three pillars of burnout
  • the two biggest risk predictors for burnout
  • additional strategies as part of our Natural Resilience Method® process
  • and to create scalable solutions that can shift teams from surviving to thriving, without sacrificing the KPIs.

Read the white paper and recommendations here.

Here's where to book a call to discuss working with us on this.

The 2019 Imposter Syndrome Study

This ground-breaking research study gave a new depth of quantitative and qualitative understanding of what Imposter Syndrome really is and how to move beyond 'coping strategies' to become free from it, once and for all.

It established the vital difference between Imposter Syndrome and self-doubt, and gave us a framework for predicting when support is needed.

From this research, we were able to:

  • identify why Imposter Syndrome is one of three hidden causes of the Gender Pay Gap
  • measure its impact on individuals and organisations, through a research-backed self-assessment, quiz-style tool [take the quiz here]
  • develop the 4 Ps of Imposter Syndrome model, to spot the early warning signs for practical interventions, before someone self-sabotages
  • create the Imposter Syndrome Iceberg model, to explain why classic coaching and pep-talks aren't enough to truly clear Imposter Syndrome, and what we need to be doing, instead

Read more about our findings and recommendations here.

Here's where to book a call to discuss working with us on this.

We offer a range of programs for individuals (creating breakthroughs in just six weeks) as well as certification programs to train Imposter Syndrome First-Aiders and Natural Resilience Method® Master Coaches.

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