International Women’s Day 2024 – Free Imposter Syndrome Masterclass

Do you ever lie awake at night worrying that today might be the day they 'find you out'?

Or catch yourself thinking, "Who am I to do this?"

Or find yourself holding back on speaking up with your ideas and secretly sabotaging opportunities that, deep down, you'd love?

You are not alone! This describes Imposter Syndrome. And 62% of people are experiencing this daily or regularly, to an extent that's impacting their performance and wellbeing.

Clare Josa is a global authority in Imposter Syndrome, as well as the author of two books on the subject. And her latest research study shows that Imposter Syndrome is one of three hidden drivers of the gender pay gap and lack of equality in leadership roles. But it's not just down to women to fix it!

In this inspirational, 60-minute masterclass with Clare Josa you'll discover:

  • How exactly Imposter Syndrome gets in women's way - and how they handle it differently to men
  • The research-backed 3 pillars model that explains who really needs to take action to solve this
  • How to spot the hidden warning signs - they're masters of disguise
  • Must-know stats from Clare's 2024 Imposter Syndrome Research Study
  • 3 things you can do right away, to turn things around

The live event has now finished, but you can have instant access to the replay.

Are you joining us?

I'm thrilled to share that I'm continuing my annual tradition of running a free masterclass for my subscribers to celebrate International Women's Day.

And this year I'm running an Imposter Syndrome & Burnout Prevention Masterclass, allied to the United Nation's theme:

#IWD2024 - Invest In Women

As usual, it's going to be an inspired blend of the latest from my research studies, plus practical actions you can take, to start making a difference, right away.

Instant Access Replay

60 Minutes Plus Q&A Time

This is going to be a live, interactive session, with a chance to submit a question to me in advance, when you register for your free ticket.

It's for line managers, leaders, HR professionals, Mental Health First-Aiders, coaches, consultants, and you if you want to make a difference with Imposter Syndrome, for yourself or for others.

Here's what's waiting for you:

Sneak Preview Of The New Research Study

I'm sharing highlights from our upcoming white paper on our research into Imposter Syndrome and its best friend, burnout. So you'll have the latest data - and it makes quite scary reading. You'll be getting these stats ahead of the crowd.

How To Spot The Warning Signs

They're masters of disguise, so I'll be sharing how to spot the hidden warning signs for both Imposter Syndrome and burnout, whether it's for yourself or for members of your team / clients.

My New Book: Coaching Imposter Syndrome

When this is published on May 25th, I'm going to be giving you a copy of Coaching Imposter Syndrome - for coaches, consultants, line managers & leaders. You'll get early access, a week before general release. And I'm also gifting you the resource vault that comes with the book.

3 Things You Can Do, Right Away

Whether you're attending this session for yourself, or for your team members, I'm going to make sure you've got three practical things you can do right away to prevent Imposter Syndrome and burnout, using my 3 Pillars model.

Plus I'm Gifting You The Imposter Syndrome Hacks™ App

You're going to be one of the first people in the world to get your hands on the brand new Imposter Syndrome Hacks™ App - as my gift. And we're even including the replay for this masterclass in there for you, as well as my much-loved Imposter Syndrome 101 training.

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