Imposter Syndrome: The Elephant In The Room

Have you ever been mid-conversation with a colleague, team member or coaching client, when you realised Imposter Syndrome was looming over them, impacting their performance, development or decisions?

Awkward isn't it?

You don't feel like it's your place to bring it up, and maybe you don't feel qualified to point it out. But it also feels pretty pointless continuing the conversation without acknowledging that whopping great elephant in the room.

Maybe if you ignore it, it'll go away, and the next time you speak it will no longer be an issue. But when you reconnect with that person, sure enough the elephant (Imposter Syndrome) is back in the room.

And what if your own Imposter Syndrome is joining the party, too?

Want to know what the answer is?

Free Webinar: Wednesday 7th August - 1pm UK Time

For Leaders, Line Managers, HR Professionals, Coaches & Consultants

60-minute free live masterclass with Clare Josa, global authority in Imposter Syndrome.

What to do when Imposter Syndrome gate-crashes your 1:1 conversations...

... especially when helping others to ditch Imposter Syndrome isn't your day job!

Feel more confident in knowing when to raise the conversation, how to remove the taboo, how to avoid the most common mistakes, and what your three essential goals need to be.

Here's What You'll Discover:

What Triggers Imposter Syndrome?

What does Clare's research show about how we can predict when Imposter Syndrome's will pop up?

Spotting The Warning Signs

How to spot the hidden warning signs - they're masters of disguise. And when you know these, chances are you'll be surprised at how many members of your team are struggling with Imposter Syndrome.

Removing The Taboo

How to raise the topic without the person running for the hills and avoiding you for the rest of time, including what to do if they're in denial, or have never heard of Imposter Syndrome.

4 Mistakes To Avoid

These are super-common and well-intentioned, but they make Imposter Syndrome worse. Plus Clare will share with you what you can do, instead.

Your 3 Essential Goals

These are the three core aims you need to have in those 1:1 sessions, plus one you need to let go of - and they're all things you can achieve in minutes, not months, to help make a real difference for that person.

And we'll wrap up with:

How to feel confident in supporting others in ditching Imposter Syndrome, once and for all, even if that's not officially your 'day job'!

Plus you can send Clare a question so she can make this session as useful as possible for you.

Wednesday 7th August - 1pm UK Time

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